Out of Town

I started painting on the road where I was brought up two years before my Mum died. I had been living in Cornwall painting on the wild coastal edges and wanted to bring all I had learnt to bear on the familiar surroundings of the place I knew best and felt an intimate link with. One of my favourite paintings of this period, painted shortly after my Mum died, is ‘Sun Down over Mrs. Kay’s.’  The idea of paying so much attention to the sun and observing the effect it has on familiar scenes really excited me. This being the view from my bedroom window for the first nineteen years of my life it was as familiar and close to my experience as it was possible to get. This was an exercise in painting what I saw rather than what I knew to be there. It was also exciting to be painting ‘plein-air’ from my own house, sitting on the kitchen extension roof lining the painting up then getting it all down in the rush of seconds as the sun hits and the air is full of oranges and blood reds before it’s all over.