Considering my homing instinct tends to lead me to the more remote outposts of the British Isles, Surrey wasn’t hot on my hit list of places to arrange a painting expedition. However in 2011, like a waking somnambulist, Surrey is where I found myself.

In an article published at the time and still available online, my reaction to Surrey has been misrepresented to some degree. For the record, I am largely in accord with Lonely Planet on the subject.

It was difficult to separate the paintings from my experience of the place for a while. I just had to put them away and forget about them. Once I did eventually bring them out again I was surprised by the enthusiasm with which they were received and the Dorking paintings were soon snapped up. In the Dorking paintings I saw the fields very much in terms of the ‘colour field’ paintings of the American Abstract Expressionists such as Rothko. 

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