Cill Rialaig 2006 – Dun Geagan, Co. Kerry

I first stayed at Cill Rialaig artist’s retreat in the summer of 2005 and fell in love with the place.  In my inexperience I booked a flight to the wrong airport as it turned out and cobbled together bus,walking and hitch-hiking to arrive at the remote cliff side village somewhere around midnight.

The next day I dug out an old bicycle from one of the out buildings and fixed it up.  This required tying knots in gear cables, a peg to hold something in place and wedging a stone to hold the front de-railer in place.  With one gear I was off.  I have returned many times to Cill Rialaig since then but this remains a very special experience.

The limitations of having no motorised transport meant that for my entire two weeks stay I explored exclusively the headland of Bolus and Ducalla on which the Cill Rialaig village sits.  Wherever I’d been scrabbling around for the day, each evening, around 10 o’clock would find me at the gate on the pass overlooking the Dubh Chealla side watching the sun bleed into the sea before free wheeling rough track and road back to the village.

The work informed by this first experience formed the basis formy show at the Cill Rialaig centre the following year.