Art Group/Classes  –  see current dates

The idea with this group is to organise regular day or evening sessions around and about, be it working indoors from still life arrangements or painting en plein-air in easy to access spots or more adventurous days painting in the Lakeland or Howgill fells.  A typical day may involve studying the work/approach of a particular artist in the morning followed by an afternoon going about our own observations informed by what we’ve learnt, or in the case of fell painting much of our morning will be spent getting to a spot and our activities will be based on my own practice when venturing into remote locations.  What-ever your sketching, painting or physical capabilities there should be something of interest to you.

My approach to teaching will be observation led with an emphasis on drawing (don’t worry if you believe you can’t draw). We’ll be working predominantly with water based mediums, mainly because it’s less messy than oils, but the medium will be treated as a means to an end.  I won’t be teaching watercolour technique as such, although that isn’t to say you won’t encounter some techniques and tricks along the way.  My aim is to provide you with the tools to go out and make your own enquiries of the world around you whilst having a good time in good company.

Initially I am doing this to gain some teaching experience whilst I put together some ideas for painting workshops.  All being well I would like to keep the group running alongside any workshops I come up with.

If you would like to go on my WORKSHOPS mailing list please email me and you will be kept updated with all my Art Group events as well as any Workshops I’m running.

‘To make biological survival possible, Mind at Large has to be funnelled through the reducing valve of the brain and nervous system.  What comes out at the other end is a measly trickle of the kind of consciousness which will help us to stay alive on this particular planet…Most people, most of the time, know only what comes through the reducing valve and is consecrated as genuinely real by the local language.’

–  Aldous Huxley –

The Doors of Perception


Seek, study everything you see, subject everything to your brush, but learn to find the inner thought in everything, (and try most of all to comprehend the lofty mystery of creation)

–  Nikolai Gogol –

      The Portrait